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Designing enterprise UX is complex, but we make it simpler

Enterprise products are challenging due to their sheer scale and intricate design process. Designing UX for enterprise applications is daunting because it requires:

• Understanding business domain

• Dealing with complexity and ambiguity

• Addressing deeper systems level problems

• Holistic and inclusive design for the ecosystem

• Integrating with legacy systems for compatibility

What is product strategy?

Enterprise UX Design Problems We Solve

With strong business and UX acumen, we clearly understand the functionality of the product as well as the expectations of stakeholders.

As a leading enterprise UX agency, we have helped clients from the healthcare, fintech, Edtech, logistics to achieve:

• Improved business and users’ productivity

• Strategic turnaround of business processes

• Smooth transition from legacy to modern systems

• Gain competitive edge with enhanced features and UX

• Support scalability with sustainable economics

How We Simplify Enterprise UX Complexities

Enterprise products are meant to enhance the productivity of all stakeholders and a good UX acts as a catalyst.

Our approach, as a dedicated enterprise UX agency is to,

Identify needs of business

To get started, we first thoroughly understand what the business is about and its expectations from the product.

Conduct User Research

We conduct systematic user research to know user’s pain points and needs firsthand and then define the problem statement.

Determine productivity metrics

We carefully assess and set the metrics that will measure the productivity and efficiency of the users.

Create a product plan and UX strategy

We create a product plan that helps in determining the direction of the project as well as create strategy to align business goals with UX design.

Design, Test and Develop

Once all things are in place, we proceed to create designs, test them with users, incorporate their feedback and push the product for development.

Simplifying Enterprise UX

Enterprise Products We Designed

Transforming legacy holiday booking process for an enterprise

A Complete Digital Transformation of an ERP System. Delivered on Ideation, User Research, & UI UX Designing.

UI UX Design of Travel and Holiday Booking Platform - Kesari
UI UX Design of Travel and Holiday Booking Platform - Kesari
Designing an intelligent brand monitoring platform with intuitive UI

UI UX design of brand monitoring platform for Visa.

UI UX design of Visa brand monitoring platform
UI UX design of Visa brand monitoring platform
Transforming legacy HRMS software to SaaS based application

Transformation of software to SaaS Platform. Worked on UI UX Designing and Frontend Development.

UI UX design of HRMS solution
UI UX design of HRMS solution
Revamping UI UX of automobile service booking platform

UI UX designing for automobile service booking portal.


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Parag Chivate CEO of ShipDelight
Parag Chivate

Founder & CEO, InstaShipIn

They have delivered more than what they have committed. They made our sophisticated platform super simple and classic, our customers love using our app than any competitors. Also, they have not only helped us to streamline our processes and experience, but have made us far more efficient.”