We are experts in converting UI Designing into AngularJs UI Development

We build custom UI and convert them into AngularJs UI that are pixel perfect and optimised for performance.


Enrich your UX with abilities of Angular

The main advantage of Angular application development is the ability to create advanced design components while reusing the codes. A good UX can be achieved by the fundamentals of the module, controller, factory and supplier within angular.

We help companies in building web apps on Angular to achieve uncompromised UX and performance.

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What is angular development?


Angular UI Development
Services We Offer

Custom Angular Design System

We create a design system for your web app in angular so that your developers can utilise them and create their own products or pages anytime.

Design to Angular UI

We convert the UI design pages into Angular templates for quick implementation.

Angular API Integration

We integrate angular UI with APIs and offer a complete frontend development solution.

Custom Angular Components

We create custom components required to increase the usability from the foundation of Angular design system.

Our Approach

Steps we follow for
Angular UI development

Define UX and flows

We first define the UX parameters and user flows to determine the structure of the design.

Create UI designs

We craft the designs taking into brand guidelines and design principles of typography, colour theory and laws of UX.

Build HTML template

We then translate the UI design into HTML templates, which will be then converted into Angular pages.

Convert to Angular Pages

Finally, we convert the HTML code into Angular framework for easy understanding and faster deployment.

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Angular Development Services by UX Design Agency


Working In Collaboration
With Passionate Teams

Ask Us

FAQs on Angular development

Can you build an enterprise app on Angular?

Yes, our talented team can create an enterprise app using Angular. that offers smooth administration, workflow, and multi-platform capabilities.

Do you offer dedicated Angular developers?

Yes, we offer dedicated developers that can work according to your time zone. We also offer on project basis and on effort basis.

Do you customize Angular templates?

No, we follow a systematic process of UI UX design and then based on the project requirements, we create custom Angular designs. We believe that Angular template designing is not serious design work.

How Long Does it take?

It takes on an average 60+ days from the start of the project to Angular development.