We weave fluid prototypes

We build rapid and fluid prototypes that emulate the real product.


Replicating the actual product behaviour

A prototype is an early draft of a design used to get rapid feedback on whether the intended design works well or needs to be updated in some areas.

Prototypes can range anywhere from a low fidelity sketched prototype created on a sheet of paper, just like the example below, all the way through to a high fidelity interactive clickable design that closely represents the finished product.

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What is prototyping in UI UX design?


Prototyping services we offer

Wireframe Prototypes

We create basic wireframe prototypes to test the logic and functionality of the user flows before proceeding to UI design.

Interactive Prototypes

We build interactive prototypes to gather a bit of detailed feedback from the client as well as the users.

Digital Prototypes

Through digital prototypes, we create the most realistic version of the actual product that helps us gain in-depth insights.

Coded Prototypes

After the final approval of the digital prototype by the client, we generate coded prototypes and host them to test again with the users.

Our Approach

Steps we follow for

Goals of the project

We start with the goal of the product in mind, by defining why it is intended to be built.

Study the competition

We study the competitors to know where the product stands and what unique value it offers.

Identify target audience & their needs

We strive to understand demographics perfectly to create products that serve their needs well.

Determine the type of product & device

We also consider the nature of the product i.e. website or mobile app and the devices it will support.

Consider the deliverables

We get absolutely clear about what we need to deliver so that we stay on the right track.

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Working In Collaboration
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Ask Us

FAQs on Prototyping

Why do you think prototyping is important?

Prototyping minimizes the risk of launching a flawed product and streamlines the design development process, focusing on important interface elements.

Do you submit prototypes along with design?

Yes, we do submit prototypes along with other design deliverables – user flows, wireframes and UI design.

How do you test the prototype?

We conduct usability testing on the digital prototype to identify the areas that need further improvement.

Which prototyping tool do you use?

We create digital prototypes in Adobe XD, which helps us to work in a collaborative manner with the client’s product team.