What do
WordPress Development
Agencies do?

A WordPress development agency assists businesses to build a strong website with their expertise in design, development and customization.

They create a custom website for your business to ensure that your website stays responsive and optimised.

These agencies offer services like multi-platform integration, theme customisation, plugin development, etc. for your website's smooth function.

Being one such WordPress Development Agency in India, we focus on creating dynamic, intuitive and user-friendly websites tailored to your business requirement and provide continuous support for long-term collaboration.

What do <br />  WordPress Development <br /> Agencies do?

Who needs
WordPress Development services?

In this digital landscape, WordPress Development Services are an invaluable part of any organisation. From MSMEs to Global Businesses, it caters to the needs of all business types by building highly-functional and optimised websites.

Who needs <br/> WordPress Development services?

Retail Industries

Companies who want to offer exceptional customer experience to increase their online presence and drive business growth.

Tech Companies

Companies who want to stay competitive in the industry by creating robust websites, improving usability and leveraging platform flexibility.

SaaS Companies

Companies who want to increase the customer retention rate by offering effective solutions such as multi-platform integrations and many more. 

E-Commerce Companies

Companies who want to integrate multi-platform functionalities to manage their daily operations seamlessly and offer enhanced user experience.

What are the benefit of
WordPress Development

WordPress Development Services assists in creating responsive and robust websites customised as per your business requirements through various themes and plugins to enhance your website functionality.

What are the benefit of <br/> WordPress Development <br /> Services?

Industrial Updates

WordPress Development Services helps your business stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.

Scalable Solution

WordPress Development Services offer flexible platform solutions to increase website functionality and incorporate future updates.

Multi-Platform Integration

WordPress Development Services seamlessly integrates multiple platforms and streamlines workflows to ensure a unified ecosystem.

Affordable Solution

WordPress is an open-source platform that eliminates the need for proprietary software thus offering a cost-effective solution.


Why opt Octet as your
WordPress Development

Octet is a leading UI UX Design Agency with expertise to build high-quality, functional website through our comprehensive and optimised solutions.

Why opt Octet as your <br/> WordPress Development <br/> Agency?

User-Centric Approach

We conduct thorough user research and use the insights gained to implement our web solutions to engage users on your websites.

Reliable Solution

We ensure to meticulously and rigorously check our solutions to provide secure, robust, user-friendly and optimised websites.

Continuous Support 

We aim for a long-term collaboration and hence provide continuous support and guidance to keep your website updated and error-free.

On-time Delivery

At Octet, we adhere to the timeline and deliver your websites at an agreed timeframe with our efficient operations for sustained collaboration. 

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How do we offer
WordPress Development

We cater to the specific needs of every business, provide customised solutions and create user-friendly, intuitive and appealing websites to stay ahead in the digital realm.

How do we offer <br/> WordPress Development  <br/> services?

1. Briefing

The designer briefs the UI developer on the team about the business goals, project specifics, time frame and client's expectations.

3. Testing

Once coding is finished, the UI developer carries out rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure no errors are left unchecked.

2. Development

The UI developer, from their experience, then selects the most ideal framework and starts with the code implementation.

4. Support

Our product engineering team finally hands over to the client and provides guidance to the client's team on the product's functionality.

Client's take on
our Solutions

Parag Chivate

Parag Chivate

Founder & CEO,

Sandhya Mhaskar

Sandhya Mhaskar

Product Lead,

Ishaan Gandhi

Ishaan Gandhi

Group Product Manager,

Parag Chivate

Parag Chivate

Founder & CEO,


They have delivered more than what they have committed. They made our sophisticated platform super simple and classic, our customers love using our app than any competitors. The team streamlined our process and made us far more efficient.

Sandhya Mhaskar

Sandhya Mhaskar

Product Lead,


The team's work was met with positive acclaim, thanks to the success of their delivery. They were highly open to feedback, and our internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the team's communication skills.

Ishaan Gandhi

Ishaan Gandhi

Group Product Manager,


The team is well-adjusted and knows their work. They always come up with new ideas and make us understand why things should be built in a particular way. We started with the design but our relationship extended till development. The team’s ability to grasp our business context resulted in fast turnaround.

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What is the impact of
investing in WordPress

WordPress Development Services helps you stay ahead in the competitive market by creating a strong website presence. Investing in WordPress Development reaps a long-term benefit to your business by fostering customer loyalty.

73% Prefers Responsive Site*

WordPress is an open-source software that helps to build responsive sites which is preferred by most users.

97% Blogs Built Here*

Being a versatile platform, most websites and blogs are built here given its powerful plugins, features and interface.

43% Market Share*

WordPress is a widespread platform that dominates the market because of its versatility, robustness and user trust.

42.8% Web Power*

The platform offers constant upgrades and improvements that assist in creating a dynamic interface.

*These data are from public sources, we do not claim to owe these stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a WordPress Development Agency, we understand that you might have questions about our WordPress Development Services. Hence, in this section, we answered some of the common questions asked by our clients. However, if you still have any doubts, please contact us.

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