Usability Testing

We evaluate users' behavior

We closely observe and monitor each action that a user takes and iterate designs to make the product as user friendly as possible.


Testing leads to finding gaps & fixing them

With usability testing, we get to see what people actually do—what works for them, and what doesn’t—not what we think they would do or even what they think they would do if they were using your product.

Through usability testing, we determine 5 aspects: Satisfaction, Learnability, Number of Errors, Efficiency and Memorability.

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What is usability testing?


Usability testing services
we offer

Explorative Usability Testing

We assess what is and what is not working in a design, concept or offering, before it is fully formed, thus mitigating financial and resource implications.

Comparative Usability Testing

We gauge the preference, efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction of a digital product.

Assessment Usability Testing

We unveil issues in the designs that could result in users being unable to complete tasks or fail to reach their goals.

Validation Usability Testing

We benchmark designs over time, checking if future iterations are outperforming their predecessors.

Our Approach

Steps we follow for
usability testing

Planning the test

We think thoroughly about objectives, product, platform, target users, and location.

Test user participants

We hire the ideal participants that closely fit the user persona and carry out the test.

Analyze test data

We closely look at the collected data to identify the problems and fix them for better UX.


We present the findings to our clients, enabling them to make key decisions.

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Usability Testing Services by UX Design Agency


Working In Collaboration
With Passionate Teams

Ask Us

FAQs on UX Strategy

How do you perform usability testing for SaaS products?

SaaS products are ever-evolving so we conduct regular tests with popular testing software to discover and fix bugs and roll out new product updates.

What tools do you use to perform usability testing for enterprise apps?

We use Hotjar and UserTesting to conduct effective usability tests for enterprise apps.

What do you recommend - user interviews or surveys?

Both. We like to first conduct the user surveys to gain preliminary insights. To dive deeper, we conduct personal interviews with candidates to unveil the hidden psychological motivations and their pain points.

When is the right time for usability testing? and how long does it take?

The ideal time to conduct usability testing is usually after the development phase, and before the product launch. It normally takes 60-90 minutes per session, depending on the complexity and nature of the product.