We investigate users needs

As a leading UX research company in Mumbai, dig deep into identifying users' motivations and pain points, investigate their root causes and extract valuable insights.


Knowing users problems

We are inquisitive about every aspect that motivates target users. We listen to users and understand their intentions & actions while using your offerings.

From these insights, we define and prioritize problems to solve based on priority and impact.

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What is user research


User research services
we offer

Competitor research

We conduct competitor analysis to gain insights into their product's functions, flows and design.

Product Audit

We thoroughly assess your existing product from both - aesthetics and functional viewpoint and provide suggestions.

User interviews and surveys

We investigate the participants to uncover their hidden needs and pain points to develop a more meaningful product.

Data analysis

We sift through existing data to look for trends, patterns that hint towards opportunities or impending issues.

Our Approach

Steps we follow for
user research

Make A Plan

We make a comprehensive plan of all the activities pertaining to user research and have a detailed walkthrough of each step.

Recruit Participants & Conduct Research

We hire participants that represent target users and conduct research using qualitative and/or quantitative methods.


We fill in the knowledge gaps, prove or disprove our hypotheses, and discover opportunities for our design efforts.


We prepare and submit a comprehensive report on the findings of the research with actionable suggestions.

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User Research Services by UX Design Agency


Working In Collaboration
With Passionate Teams

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FAQs on User Research

Is user research necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to empathize with the users to identify their problems and needs to align your solutions.

What are the deliverables at UX research stage?

At the end of UX research, we submit a detailed competitive analysis report, research report and user personas.

What inputs shall you require to conduct user research?

We will require complete details about the product, business objectives, industry competitors, and existing data that you collected in any of your prior research.

Is UX research part of UI UX design?

Yes, UX research is required at different stages of UX design as it is an iterative process.