We create funnels to activate users

We adopt the unconventional and modern flywheel approach to acquire new users for your digital products.


We Strategize flows and funnels to support marketing and onboarding

Once you are ready with your digital product, it’s now time to market it. What good is a product if it has no user base?

So, we help in crafting an effective user acquisition strategy that will not only get you new users but also help in retaining them. But, that’s not it. We also help in devising various engagement models to make them happy and refer to other prospective users.

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What is user acquisition?


User Acquisition Services
we Offer

Strong Positioning

We forge a strong positioning statement that makes the product stand out from the competition.

Strategic Onboarding

We create simple and logical flows for onboarding the new user to minimize the churn rate.

Educating Prospects

We take responsibility for educating users about all crucial information about your product.

Building Engagement

We build a content strategy that drives engagement and thus, increases chances of conversion.

Our Approach

Steps we follow for
User Acquisition

Understanding the user

We understand your user’s core motivations, their anxieties, and what problems are they trying to solve.

Build the funnel

We create a funnel based on the AIDA principle so that we can best communicate to the prospective users.

Inform & engage

We connect with the user at the stage where they are looking for more information to solve their problem and engage with them to promote your product.

Convert & Activate

We finally make a move to convert prospective visitors into actual users with effective integrated marketing communications.

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User Acquisition Services by UX Design Agency


Working In Collaboration
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FAQs on User Acquisition

Why user acquisition is important?

User acquisition is important because without it can be very difficult for businesses to find and convert new users.

Is user acquisition same as user activation?

No, user acquisition is about persuading the user to use the product and user activation is when the user performs specific steps to realize the value of your product.

Do I require a user acquisition strategy even though I have a marketing team?

Yes. You require a UX expert who will help your marketing team to formulate a user acquisition strategy as they better understand users’ pain points.

Which key aspects will you consider in your user acquisition strategy?

We will work mainly on four key aspects: 1) Quick & easy onboarding, 2) Incentivizing app usage 3) Gamification and 4) Product iterations & updates