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They have to gather feedback and data from all sizes need to gather feedback and data from their customers and stakeholders to make informed decisions and improve their products or services.

However, creating surveys and collecting responses manually can be a time consuming and inefficient process.

It can also be challenging to organize and analyze the data effectively, especially when dealing with large volumes of responses.


The platform will simplify the survey creation process making it easy for the client to gather valuable insights from the stakeholders in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

It will effortlessly gather the data from the end-users in the field and enable clients to create surveys, assign them to the field agent and streamline the entire data collection process.

All Mockup Screens

Create Project

By creating survey project, agent will be responsible for gathering responses from individuals in the assigned area.

UI UX design to create project and define project requirements

The task will involve approaching potential respondents, introducing our survey, and collecting their responses via our mobile app. This will contribute to provide valuable insights and help them in their research. 

UI Screen to add live link in the survey and connect other apps

The agents can also connect different application with their mobile app to facilitate smooth collection of responses and for easy accessibility.

Assigned Surveys to Agents

Company's assigned surveys will be available on Hala Gig Mobile app and will diligently collect responses while also ensuring the quality of data collected.

Mobile UI Design To Collect Customer's Response

Ensuring High-Quality Survey Responses

A web application for companies to create and manage surveys, and a mobile application for field agents to collect responses from potential respondents in the field.

This seamless integration allows for efficient survey data collection and analysis. It also ensures that high-quality data is obtained for valuable insights and decision-making.

Login Screen to maintain user privacy
Dashboard to understand project wise responses
UI UX screen of specific company details
Billing & Invoices details and status
UI screen to check each project feedback status
Check task details and recent transactions
Specific Agent's Details


In conclusion, our survey data collection solution has proven to be a valuable tool for companies seeking to gather reliable and actionable data.

By providing a user-friendly web application for survey creation and management, and a mobile application for field agents to collect responses in the field, we have streamlined the survey data collection process and ensured high-quality data.

This has resulted in valuable insights and improved decision-making for our client. Our solution has proven to be flexible, scalable, and effective, making it a top choice for companies across industries.