How to Hire UI UX Designer? A Recruiter’s Guide 2024

How to hire UI UX designer for your business?

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Hire UI UX Designers

For your digital product, you must hire UI UX designer; or else, you may risk losing millions of dollars and would even have to close your doors.

After reading the last sentence, you could think that I am exaggerating or engaging in fear-mongering, but poor usability is the main reason over 70% of businesses lose clients. 

With digital interfaces becoming increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, there is a need more than ever to hire UI UX designers.

These experts have a significant impact on how we use technology and are essential to the development of software and digital goods.

While UX designers ensure a product is easy to use and practical, UI designers focus on how a product looks and feels. Both roles are crucial to developing software and digital services that meet and surpass user expectations.

However, finding and employing skilled UI UX designers is a challenging task. Don’t worry! You will find this article useful for all the concerns.


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Steps to hire UI UX designer

Steps to Hire Skilled UI UX Designers

Step 1: Identify your product needs

This is the critical initial phase when you create a comprehensive requirement outline. It ought to consist of:

What you hope to accomplish—your objective—your product roadmap to hiring the right people.

We must be clear about what we want from the UI UX designer, what to look for in their design portfolio, and what format.

A good mix of observable production outputs together with some reliable research and strategy is essential to making the most of the experience:

1. Ideation phase:

When you are planning the beginning of your product, there are several things to consider.

This seems to be one of the most crucial parts of your product’s journey, excluding finance, since it lays out your intentions, aims, and ambitions.

Expected UI UX deliverables throughout the product discovery phase are:

  • Research on UI and UX
  • Product identification
  • Placement of brands
  • Establishing value propositions
  • Finding the main differentiators

2. Building MVP phase:

This stage involves defining those outcomes and occasionally putting hypotheses to situations that allow us to physically observe how they come together once the technical and user demands are set. 

If you have arrived here, expect to receive the following deliverables from the UI UX designer:

  • The architecture of information (IA)
  • Designing interactions
  • Classification
  • Determining user flows and journeys
  • Wireframing at various quality levels. 
  • Testing for usability
  • Quick prototyping

3. Optimising phase:

After conducting initial research, testing, and design iterations, you examine UX and UI patterns again, do A/B split testing, and determine how they affect conversions, user drop-offs, and areas where customers misinterpret your product offering.

At this phase, anticipate receiving the following deliverables from your UI UX designer:

  • UX Audit
  • Redefining the role
  • Increasing practicality
  • Adding new features for users
  • Balancing affordability and usability

4. Scaling phase:

As your product gains traction and the user base grows, the scaling phase becomes pivotal.

It involves optimizing your product to handle increased load, expanding functionalities to accommodate growing needs, and ensuring seamless user experiences across a larger audience.

During this phase, expect to obtain the following deliverables from your UI UX designer:

  • Emphasize Performance Optimization
  • Prioritize User Experience
  • Assess Scalability Requirements
  • Plan for Future Growth

Step 2: Where do you find a good UI UX designer?


Dribbble is a platform where designers showcase their work, making it a great place to find talented UI UX designers and explore their portfolios for inspiration.


Behance is another platform for creatives to showcase their portfolios. It offers a wide range of design styles and allows you to browse through curated collections, making it easier to find designers whose work aligns with your needs.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where you can find experienced UI UX designers, review their work history, skills, and recommendations, and directly connect with them for potential collaborations. is a platform that has a worldwide presence and it serves as a bridge between designers and prospective employers across the globe.


Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can post UI UX design projects and hire designers on a contract basis. It offers a diverse pool of designers with varying expertise levels and allows you to review ratings and feedback from previous clients.


AngelList is a platform for startups and job seekers in the tech industry. It’s a great place to find UI UX designers who are interested in working with early-stage startups and innovative projects.


Meetup is a platform for organizing and discovering local events and communities. You can find UI UX design meetups and networking events in your area, allowing you to connect with designers face-to-face and build relationships within the design community.


Coroflot is a platform specifically for creative professionals, including UI UX designers. It features job postings, design portfolios, and industry insights, making it a valuable resource for finding talented designers and potential job opportunities.

Check out other best platforms to Hire UI UX Designers in 2024

Step 3: How to write a UI UX job description?

1. Key roles & responsibilities of UI UX designers

  • The job of UI UX designers is to create an interface that is visually appealing and consistent with the brand’s identity. This includes making graphic elements, designing layouts, and choosing suitable colour schemes.
  • Interactive designers create interactive components such as sliders, buttons, and icons. They want to make these components simple to use, comprehend, and visually appealing.
  • To visualize the design layout before production, designers frequently produce wireframes and prototypes. Making sure the design is in line with user needs and corporate objectives requires taking this critical step.
  • To guarantee that the design is executed accurately and successfully, they collaborate closely with developers. To do this, one must comprehend how their designs are implemented during the development stage.
  • Extensive investigation to find out the requirements, inclinations, and obstacles of the intended users. Usability testing, surveys, and user interviews are all part of this.
  • Design strategy is creating a UX plan that satisfies both user goals and commercial objectives. Making trip maps and user personas is part of this.
  • To test and improve the functionality of the product, UI UX designers produce wireframes and prototypes. They emphasize the design’s efficacy and usability.
  • Constantly getting input from users and refining the product through iterations. They make sure that the product changes in response to actual UX and input.

2. The following should be on your job description for a UX/UI Designer:

Job Title: For what role are you hiring?

In brief: What distinguishes your business? 

Responsibilities: A summary of the daily tasks involved in the profession and how it benefits the company

Requirements: The abilities a candidate must possess to do the job well

Benefits: Information on pay, benefits, and any other goodies

Read in detail about UI UX Designers’ roles and what they are expected to deliver from their role.

Keep in mind that you have already determined the abilities required for the position while you construct your candidate profile. This is the place to enumerate your “essential” abilities and perhaps a few “desirable” ones. 


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Step 4: Set up the interview

It is critical to have a chemistry meeting and come to an agreement with your UI UX designers.

Producing quality work is one thing, but you also need to be working with someone you can rely on to uphold your goals and intentions in the work you do, and who has the experience necessary to define requirements that are guided by shared values and true insight.

1. List of primary points to address while you hire UI UX designers

  • After reading your job brief, do you think there is anything further we should consider before diving into the scope we have outlined?
  • Have you previously worked on a comparable product? What were the ups and downs of that event or what lessons were most important to learn?
  • Have you had any experience working with a client who is like this one? 
  • Which role most accurately describes you? UI, UI UX, art director, graphic designer, etc.? What are your strongest points in that regard, and if you had any weaknesses, where do you believe they would manifest themselves?
  • Which UI tools—as well as the format needed for source handovers—will be the team’s mainstays?
  • After reading our brief, do you think there is anything further we should consider before diving into the scope we have outlined?
  • What is it you are most eager to do with this product? Specify which categories the product belongs to, so that everyone is aware of what to expect. Like, is it SaaS, eCommerce, onboarding, support, etc.?

2. Review their portfolio

It is best to look over the UI UX designer’s portfolio if you want a complete understanding of how they operate.

You may be able to assess a UI UX designer’s work more effectively if you check their prior work and closely examine the feedback left by previous clients. 

3. Curiosity Is very important

To define the designer’s overall commitment, curiosity is essential. Your first choice should be that UI UX designer if the individual is willing to learn and adjust to new things despite having less experience.

Now, you may ask someone many questions to find out if they are interested in learning new things or not, such as:

  • What new design knowledge did they acquire recently?
  • Which platform is their preferred choice for education and discovery?
  • Are they eager to pick up new abilities to improve the product’s design?

4. Strong user research

The expertise and background of the UI UX designer you have selected are mostly determined by your research.

Even though some designers may create a stunning design for the product, accomplishing the objectives requires thorough study and attending to the needs of the users.

You may want to read more on the Guide to Hire UI UX Designer

Checklist to track when you hire UI UX designer

Checklist to keep in mind while hiring UI UX Designer
Image Source

1. Select the correct working level

In-house designers are familiar with the work environment and aligned with the company’s requirements, but may not handle unique assignments.

Dedicated designers are less expensive and can be augmented with extra individuals, while freelance designers are hired due to their low cost but may not always be the best solution.

2. Meets your needs and level of skills

A qualified applicant should possess the knowledge and expertise needed for the specific role and product you are working on.

3. Is receptive to feedback and teamwork

UX/UI designers work together with other members of the team to produce the best results possible.

Your candidate should be open to criticism and possess strong communication and deliberation abilities.

Dig deep to understand the situations or areas when hiring a designer for your startup would be worth the bet!  

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Frequently asked questions

How do I hire a good UI UX designer?

Decide on your spending limit and needs. Next, look at design communities, professional networks, and job listings. Do not stop there, though!

Make sure the applicant has the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your needs by conducting in-depth interviews and going over their portfolios. 

Why do businesses hire UX UI designer?

UI UX designers are masters at building aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces.

Users are more inclined to interact with a product or service when it has a well-designed interface, which improves their overall experience.

What are the benefits of hiring a UI UX designer from Octet?

Octet Design Studio will help you achieve your goals through:

  • Increased contentment among clients.
  • Time-zone-friendly response.
  • A higher level of involvement.
  • Designs Driven by User Behavior.
  • Get our 12+ years of expertise

Should I choose UI designer or UX designer?

“UI” stands for User Interface, while “UX” stands for User Experience.

UI designer focuses on the look and feel of the product, including elements like buttons, colors, and design.

UX designer concentrates on the user’s overall experience interacting with the product, ensuring it is intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable.

The choice between UI and UX designers depends on the specific needs and goals of the project.

Consider hiring both, UI and UX designers while designing a product to provide a seamless and satisfactory user experience would be beneficial.

Which company is best for UI UX design?

Octet Design Studio’s designers have extensive experience and are passionate about creating unique, user-centric designs that are distinctive.

See our proven history of successfully completing products for clients in a variety of industries.

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