We educate and empower businesses with design

Design, being a collaborative process, we conduct regular training workshops to educate our clients & enable them to grow with design.


More than discussions, a workshop is getting things done in collaboration

User experience workshop is a collaborative approach that aims at ideating and solving critical issues through designs.

We aim to devise effective solutions to critical product problems by engaging and involving all the stakeholders.

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How corporate training brings positive change?


Types of Workshop We Conduct

Design Thinking Workshops

We enable clients to arrive at a solution to a complex problem through a design thinking approach.

5 day Design Sprints

We prefer to conduct design sprints to start from just a rough idea to building a prototype and testing it in just 5 days.

Discovery workshops

We explore the problem, ideate different solutions with stakeholders, define goals and set priorities.

Audit workshops

We identify the inconsistencies in the product with respect to design and prioritize in accordance with their level of severity.

Our Approach

Activities we do in workshops

Building consensus

We find common grounds between our design team and client's product team.

Impart learning

We share our design knowledge and insights from our experience on important topics.

Stimulate Ideation

We explore new ideas or potential solutions to specific problems and build a better product.

Cultivate relationships

We also focus on developing strong relationships between our team members and clients' counterparts.

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Working In Collaboration
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FAQs on Workshops

Do you solicit invitations to carry out workshops?

Yes, we gladly accept invitations to conduct workshops. You will have to inform us one month prior to the date of the workshop.

Do you conduct remote workshops?

We generally prefer to conduct workshops on-site, but in some exceptional cases, we take virtual workshops too.

Do you prefer workshops over meetings?

We prefer to conduct workshops when we encounter a complex problem that requires different stakeholders’ intervention and inputs. We conduct meetings to discuss and workshops to get things done.

What are the advantages of conducting workshops?

Design workshops help participants build a sense of direction, unity, cooperation and partnership. It offers avenues to discuss and develop different strategic methodologies for solving complex design problems.