Supplier GST Performance Platform



What we did

User Research

UI UX Designing

Angular Development


Web Application


One of the primary obstacles we faced was the immense amount of data that needed to be analyzed and interpreted. 

We had to create a smart dashboard that would provide intuitive data visualization and information that would be logical and easy for users to comprehend. 

Additionally, we strived to develop predictive models that would enable users to anticipate their supplier's behaviour.

By combining the power of data visualization and predictive analytics, we had to empower users to make informed decisions and proactively manage their supplier relationships.


Our main objective was to develop a state-of-the-art fintech product that leverages user insights and our design expertise. 

We aimed to surpass our competitors by creating an intuitive and user-friendly design, complemented by in-depth insights into customer behavior and preferences. 

Additionally, we sought to track suppliers to assist users in making intelligent decisions regarding their procurement process. 

A critical aspect of our product was the ability to generate customizable reports tailored to suit the unique needs of our users. 

By achieving these goals, we aimed to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses manage their finances and streamline their processes.

All Mockup Screens

Home page

We created a holistic platform to understand supplier’s behaviour in order to prevent major losses and optimise the transactions.

UI of GST Solutions screen

Supplier Information

We created a dedicated interface for every supplier to know their GST filling performance and compliance status. 

Supplier details and GST Filling Performance

Login Screen

We created a login screen to enhance security, facilitate personalisation, user authentication and offer enhanced performance.

Supplier's login screen
UI of GST Solutions screen
UI Dashboard to see supplier overview, GST rating and compliance status
UI screen to check supplier's monthly GST report
Supplier details and GST Filling Performance
Filter Supplier's report


Our team successfully tackled the challenge of analyzing and interpreting large data sets by developing a smart dashboard that offers user-friendly data visualization. 

With our predictive models, users are able to predict and manage their supplier's behaviour, empowering them to make informed decisions and proactively handle their supplier relationships. 

Moreover, our advanced fintech product exceeds our competitors by providing a user-friendly and intuitive design, accompanied by valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviour.