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Memorable brands stand out from the crowd and we make sure yours is the one.


Successful brands are an experience, not an entity

Branding is the reason that customers prefer your product over that of other competitors. The brand builds trust, credibility and commands a premium. In the long run, it becomes one of the differentiators.

At Octet Design Studio, we have both in-house as well as consulting experts to craft a meticulous brand strategy.

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What is brand strategy?


Branding Strategy Services
We Offer

Research & Insights

We start by listening to all the stakeholders and charting out insight-driven strategies.

Positioning & Proposition

We brainstorm on various ideas as to how we can position your brand to stand out from the competition.

Brand Messaging

We define clear rules and guidelines for brand voice & tone and help in its implementation.

Brand Performance

We collect feedback from the target audience and monitor KPIs to measure your brand's performance.

Our Approach

Steps we follow to
build brand strategy


We start by identifying the needs of your customer and the ways you have planned to fulfil them.


We ideate on the aspects of your visual brand identity - logo, typography, colour palette, and imagery.


We try our different combinations of your visual brand identity to see which works best and then finalize it.


We then launch the finalized version of your brand identity to the public at large.

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Brand Strategy Services by UX Design Agency


Working In Collaboration
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FAQs on Branding

What is the purpose of brand strategy?

Your Brand Strategy sums up why your business exists beyond making money. It defines what it is that makes your brand what it is, what sets it apart from the competition, and how you want your customers to perceive it.

Why do you think branding strategy is important?

The brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life and works to position you as a certain “something” in the mind of your prospects and customers.

How can your UI UX design promote our brand?

Our UI/UX design ensures consistency in your digital product. All visual design elements such as images, colours, and fonts trigger associations with your product.

What according to you is key to a successful brand?

We think that the key to successful branding is to believe in, to be focused on, and to deliver your values.