Brand Strategy

We build memorable brands

Memorable brands stand out from the crowd and we make sure yours is the one.


We Align Your Product & Branding Strategy With Business Goals

Branding and UI UX design go hand-in-hand as it aligns digital products to the goals of your business.

We provide an end-to-end solution, in building your brand by first carrying out an in-depth brand audit to identify key areas of improvement.


Hire the experts and know the difference

Branding is a highly specialized service that requires the collective effort of different skilled professionals. It needs input from marketing, consumers, graphic design and strategic management.

At Octet Design Studio, we have both in-house as well as consulting experts to craft a meticulous brand strategy.

Our Approach

Making the right move

Research & Insights

We start by listening to all the stakeholders and chart out insight-driven strategies.

Positioning & Proposition

We brainstorm on various ideas as to how we can position your brand to stand out from the competition.

Brand Messaging

We define clear rules and guidelines for brand voice & tone and help in its implementation.

Our Process

We Simplify Your Brand To Win



We start by defining your purpose and your customer's needs.

Consumer Insights

We uncover both explicit and latent needs of your ideal customer.

Brand Positioning

We craft a unique positioning statement based on competitor research.

Content Marketing Strategy

We chart an effective content marketing strategy that will resonate with your brand.



We leverage your business's USP to make your brand as distinct as possible.

Brand Identity

We build a strong brand identity based on your values and offerings.

User Experience

We ensure consistency across all touchpoints to provide a seamless experience.

Marketing Communications

We help you craft powerful & persuasive integrated marketing communication.



We construct brand style guides and assets to achieve consistency.

Style Guides

We create a brand style guide, essentially a bible for designing all your content.

Brand Assets

We create professional yet memorable brand assets for a high brand recall.


We architect a website/mobile app that is in sync with your brand.



We refine your brand over time to keep it relevant and fresh.

Brand Innovation

We bring a fresh perspective to identify key areas of improvement.

Technology Application

We catalyze migration from legacy to modern systems with minimum friction.

Creative Services

We revitalise your brand by designing new brand guidelines and assets.


Stages of Building A Holistic Brand

Strategic Sessions

We conduct one-on-one sessions with the decision-makers for need assessment.

Market and User Research

We undertake solid research to understand customers & competition.

Brand Strategy Development

We chart a distinct strategy to serve the needs of clients as well as their customers.

Visual Identity Design

We create a compelling visual identity design to align with your USP.

Brand Support & Updates

We stay updated with industry trends and consult our clients regularly.


We assist you smooth rollout of your brand and usage of brand guidelines.


Our Capabilities


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