Sunday Dealz

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What we did


UI UX Designing

UI Development


Responsive Website


Our main challenge was to successfully engage and retain users on their once-a-week sale, without the use of a landing page. 

We needed to create an easy-to-use and straightforward UI that would cater to a diverse range of users, including students, housewives, and working professionals. 

Additionally, we also had to keep users engaged on our website even on non-sale days. Another challenge was simplifying the sellers' registration and onboarding process. Overall, we had to ensure a smooth user experience on their platform.


Our solution aimed to create a highly engaging and mobile-responsive experience for both buyers and sellers. 

We prioritized providing an easy and smooth experience for all users, regardless of their technological adaptability. 

We also focused on enhancing the capacity of sellers to apply for sales on the platform. Ultimately, our goal was to create a simple and adaptable yet unique experience for mobile users.

All Mockup Screens

Sign up

We created a signup form to facilitate an easy checkout for sellers and buyers during the flash- sales.

Sign Up

It also helps to offer a personalised shopping experience and improved security to the users. 

UI screen of men's product page

This product page offers detailed information to the users regarding a particular product like time left, products left, users viewing the product etc. With this platform, we aim to enhance user engagement in the platform. 

Express Checkout

We also created a mobile version of the platform to engage and retain customers while also increasing checkouts. 

Mobile Responsive to review order and checkout

Success Page

This page shows the user’s details such as address, card details, contact etc. for a smooth checkout experience and also shows the list of orders placed for a better user experience.

UI screen of successful placed orders
Add details to place order
UI screen to show payment status
Join to become seller
Mobile Responsive to sign up and add address


Our solutions successfully addressed the challenges of engaging and retaining users on a once-a-week flash sale e-commerce platform.

By creating an easy-to-use UI and prioritizing mobile responsiveness, we ensured a seamless shopping experience for users from diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, we simplified the sellers' registration process, enhancing their ability to participate in sales. 

Overall, our solution aimed to provide a unique and adaptable experience for mobile users, resulting in a highly engaging platform for both buyers and sellers.