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Our main challenge was to simplify user flows and improve the intuitiveness of the data visualizations, allowing users to understand and analyze data quickly.

Additionally, we needed to develop a system enabling users to create custom policies for assessing performance, providing greater flexibility and adaptability for their specific needs.

We also had to focus on streamlining the workflows, organizing the information architecture, and implementing advanced data visualization techniques.


Our main objective was to enhance operational efficiency in managing shipments by optimizing the design for improved visibility and performance management.

We aimed to simplify operations, ensuring that every role had clear and distinct actions to perform.

By implementing our solution, we enabled end-to-end operation visibility, allowing stakeholders to easily track the progress of shipments at every stage.

Additionally, our solution featured performance distress handling, offering a streamlined and effective process for addressing any issues or challenges that may arise during shipment handling.

All Mockup Screens


In order to provide an overview of the shipment, we created this user-friendly dashboard which can be customised as per the user's need. We also offered real-time updates to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

Dashboard to check real-time performance and logistics performance

Service Providers

We created this interface to offer detailed information on the service providers along with their individual shipment stats. This helps the user to track any inefficiencies in the shipment process.

UI Screen of Service Provider Details, thier status, performance, etc.


This interface shows the individual shipment details with their status. Users can also customise and download logistic reports to create and implement supply chain strategies for smooth business flow.

UI to check shipment details and its status
UI to check city wise shipment performance
UI to check pending pickup status of orders
UI to check the service provider status
Dashboard to check real-time performance and logistics performance
UI Screen of Service Provider Details, thier status, performance, etc.


In conclusion, our solution provided a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing all aspects of fashion retail.

By simplifying user flows, improving data visualizations, and allowing for custom policies, we have created a user-friendly platform that enhances operational efficiency and performance management.

With end-to-end visibility and streamlined distress handling, our platform supports seamless shipment handling and ensures a smooth and successful fashion retail experience for our users.