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What we did

User Research

UI UX Designing

Angular Development


Web Application


Our main challenge was to maintain consistency across their nine different offerings and create a modern UI design. 

We needed to ensure that the user experience and feedback remained consistent across all tools, while also creating guided campaigns to streamline the user's journey. 

Additionally, we needed to simplify the information architecture to enhance usability and create modern and descriptive data visuals to effectively convey information to the users.


Our solution focused on simplifying user flows and guiding users through their journey. We achieved this by creating interactive data visuals that offer an intuitive experience. 

Additionally, we employed a minimal UI design approach to ensure a clean and uncluttered interface. Guided flows and actions were implemented to provide users with a clear path to follow while optimizing viewport space allowed for maximum visibility of the data visuals.

Overall, our solution aimed to create an engaging experience by combining simplified user flows, intuitive data visuals, and efficient use of screen space.

All Mockup Screens


We created a login screen to offer privacy, security, personalisation etc. to the user for improved platform experience. 

Login Screen

This login screen requires users to enter their credentials before accessing a system for improved security, user experience, and data protection.

UI of Success Screen

We also created a login success screen for the user for improved platform experience.

Home Page

The homepage shows all the assessments that a user has completed or has to complete. It ensures personalisation and improves productivity.

UI Screen to show the list of survey

Strategy Report

The platform also provides a comprehensive report based on the result obtained from the assessment ensuring informed business decision making. 

UI to add remark
UI screen to collect customer responses
UI to check the strategy report index
UI to check strategy report insight


In conclusion, our software solution for management consultancy successfully addressed the challenge of maintaining consistency across multiple offerings while creating a modern and user-friendly interface.

By simplifying user flows, utilizing interactive data visuals, and implementing guided campaigns, we were able to enhance usability and provide an engaging experience for users. 

Overall, our solution aimed to catalyze organizational success through strategic assessments and effectively convey information to users.