How a day in the life of a UI UX Designer looks like!

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A UI UX designer’s head is constantly buzzing with ideas. Even a bike ride to work or an evening stroll in the park can inspire them to create designs that stand out. The life of a UI UX designer revolves around their client and delivering only the best of designs for their users. They want to make it easy to use and navigate through the website and help the client scale up.

In a constant effort of giving their best to ease the users’ lives, they stress themselves out.

Here’s how a day in a designer’s life looks like:

Mornings in the life of a ui ux designer

1. Wake up with a thought to create something amazing

2. Think about design ideas / look for inspiration while commuting to work

3. Walk into the office and head straight for the coffee

4. Create a to-do list from yesterday’s pending to-do list. Map out your day even though you know things don’t go according to the plan.

5. Call the client and discuss with colleagues, the challenges and the plan for the day.

6. Finally, find time to get some actual UX work done!

and the afternoon goes like –

1. Get feedback from colleagues while having lunch.

2. Keep on iterating prototypes until you are satisfied.

3. Draft emails that try to best explain the concept to the client.

4. Try to make sense of the feedback from the client.

5. Need for another cup of coffee, or maybe two!

6. Keep on iterating until your client is satisfied and cancel all evening plans, of course!

7. Time to celebrate when the client approves the work

8. Realize its almost the end of the day and you didn’t accomplish anything else on your morning to-do list.

The evening is like

1. You suddenly get superpowers – and you start designing faster, prototype faster to get done as much as possible

2. But you keep getting interrupted!

3. Put on your headphones, your coworkers still don’t get the hint

4. You somehow finish most of the urgent work and promise yourself to finish the pending things tomorrow

5. You send email updates to clients and pray that you don’t get an immediate response so that you go can go home.

6. When you have done everything humanly possible, you head home

and lastly, Night ends with

Before sleeping you think about the whole day and realize you are happy with the work you do and how you love doing it

Every day in the lives of UI UX designers at Octet Design Studio is just like this. How about you? Can the designer in you relate to this? Let us know your comments below!


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