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Kantime is Home Health and Hospice EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution provider that works with numerous agencies & their care takers.

But it faces critical challenges in efficiently managing a diverse array of agencies, each with unique training needs, while also struggling to facilitate the creation and maintenance of customized learning paths. .

Additionally, there was no way of providing real-time insights into learner progress. .

A Digital Solution was required to streamline agency management, simplify learning path creation, and progress tracking to ensure agencies can provide top-notch training to the care takers for handling Kantime's Home Health and Hospice EMR softwares.


To resolve the issue of lack of centralized freight management, a comprehensive digital solution is proposed which is a web based platform, where users can search & generate the quotes for their shipments & can also manage all their shipments at one place.

We designed the website with a clean, minimalistic aesthetic to reflect the brand's sophistication and to emphasize the trustworthiness.

The platform also offers various payment modes to help all the users pay for their shipments hassle free. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable businesses to manage the complexities of modern supply chain management effectively.


LMS Manager

This is the tool that agency admin have access to. With this tool agencies can organize and monitor employee learning.

This application is tightly integrated with the another Learning Management System where a learner is primarily logging into.

It is primarily user to enroll, manage learners and view their progress, course completion rates and other performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the agency's training programs.

It is also used for managing learning paths for the agency and assign them to different users.


The Learners tab helps agency manager to see the list of all the learners according to their statuses and course details.

It also shows the progress of each learner in percentage. From this page agency manager can add a new learner by clicking on new enrolment button.

The agency manager can also unregister a learner or view the assignment status or view learner details through the more action button.


User Details Page contains all the information of a user along with User ID & status. It also shows how many learning paths a user has enrolled for. Agency manager can also assign a new learning path to a user from this page.

LMS control Panel

LMS control Panel is the interface designed for the Kantime Admin to create or manage learning paths and assignments as well as registering a new agency & managing its learning path subscriptions.

In the Assignments tab Kantime admin can create new assignments & add multiple tasks in it for the learners to complete. One learning path contains multiple such assignments.

Using Agencies tab Kantime admin can manage all the agencies & monitor the performance of each agency individually by going into the agency details page where a mini dashboard shows all the important KOIs related to the agency performance.


Learning paths

From the Learning path's page the Kantime admin can see the corresponding details like total learners & agencies subscribed to a particular learning path.

Admin can take actions on the learning paths like editing or moving to a different assignment group.

Admin can also check the performance of a particular learning path by going into its details page. From this page new learning paths can also be added from external database.



We undertook the challenge of revolutionizing Kantime's Agency & Learning Management System (LMS) to better serve administrators and agency managers in the realm of Home Health and Hospice EMR software training.

Our comprehensive solution introduces intuitive interfaces, streamlined agency management tools, and robust learning path creation features.

Real-time progress tracking and analytics have been integrated to enhance the overall LMS experience.

By focusing on usability, accessibility, and continuous improvement through user feedback, our solution empowers Kantime to deliver top-notch training support.

This transformation ensures that agencies can efficiently harness the power of the LMS, enabling learners to excel in their roles with confidence.