SaaS As Digital Products

SaaS is a cloud-based computing software with a subscription basis and online access only. It can be used with minimum system requirements as it can be accessed through a web browser.

SaaS is rapidly becoming the model for the delivery of core business applications. SaaS products enable automation, boost productivity, optimize workflows and offer improved user experience.

Designing SaaS products isn’t easy. As designers, we have to deal with many complexities in order to make the product easier and more engaging for the users.

What is brand strategy?

SaaS App Design Services for Every Stage

We deliver results at all stages of a SaaS lifecycle - Setup, Growth and Stabilisation. At every stage, we act as their strategic and creative partner to augment their product.



The founders discover the need for the products they plan to develop, identify their target market, and create the products.

We help them in creating product strategies through designs and focus more on MVP.



After the product launch, new customers quickly start adopting the product, which is a great opportunity to secure a loyal customer base.

We pitch in by actively listening to user feedback and adding more features.



The business here focuses more on retaining the acquired customers and releasing timely product updates to improve overall user experience and productivity.

We conduct UX audit to review gaps in design and fix them.

Distinct characteristics
of an ideal SaaS app

SaaS apps help professionals and organizations stay productive and adaptable. They are vital for organizational performance and hence, are more challenging to design.

A SaaS app design company understands that such apps should:

• Easily onboard a user

• Enable user activation

• Support cross-platform compatibility

• Customized experience for different user roles

Key areas of SaaS
products we focus

• Reducing customer churn rate

• Eliminating the user frustration

• Engaging users with intuitive dashboards & insights

• Making the product scalable with consistent user experience

Our Approach

How we simplify SaaS complexities

Working for more than 5 years now as a SaaS design company, we have gained expertise in solving SaaS complexities with a pragmatic approach.

See how we do it:

Understanding business and its goals

Our topmost priority is to get a complete understanding of what the business is about and what it is trying to achieve. We conduct multiple rounds of calls with different stakeholders – CEOs, product owners/managers, and professionals from tech and marketing. This is a preliminary and most fundamental step to ensure that we build the right product.

Getting to know user goals and needs

After understanding business goals, it is essential to know what does the users expect by using the product and what are they trying to achieve. We do this by deploying advanced user research techniques.

Solving the problems through design first approach

We adopt a design-first approach, which focuses on designing the product first rather than directly developing it. This helps in substantially cutting the time-to-market, saving money, and improving the quality of your SaaS product.

Defining the problem accurately

With a crystal clear understanding of business goals and users’ needs, we proceed to define the problem as precisely as possible. With this, we know exactly what needs to be solved and then devise solutions for it.

Building SaaS products

SaaS App Projects We Worked On

Revamping the way customer experience is researched

UI UX Designing of an enterprise survey and customer experience platform.

Transforming eCommerce shipping management platform

UI UX designing and frontend development of Growing eCommerce Shipping company

Enabling smart trading with supplier compliance and insights

UI UX designing and front-end development of Supplier GST Performance Platform (Compliance & Behaviour Tracker).

Modernising SaaS based accounting solutions for SMEs and Enterprise

UI UX designing for a pre-accounting and inventory solutions platform.

Captainbiz project design
Captainbiz project design


Working in collaboration
with passionate teams

Parag Chivate CEO of ShipDelight
Parag Chivate

Founder & CEO, InstaShipIn

They have delivered more than what they have committed. They made our sophisticated platform super simple and classic, our customers love using our app than any competitors. Also, they have not only helped us to streamline our processes and experience, but have made us far more efficient.”