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UI UX designing for an accounting and inventory solutions platform

Captain biz UI UX design
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What Captain Biz stands for?

CaptainBiz is a platform where one can generate their invoices, purchase orders and other inventory tasks can be performed.

Our Challenges

Our main challenge was to deal with the vast amount of data points covered under the GST act and present data in a comprehensive manner.

  • Covering all the user segments under one umbrella
  • Understand the laws, GST, Filing concepts, and Payment gateway behaviours and for the legal transactions
  • Keeping a lot of information on a single page and still making it look clean
Our Goals

Our primary goal was to create an easy-to-use invoicing and pre-accounting platform, especially for small business owners.

  • To make invoicing simpler for new freelancers and new business owners
  • Keeping it simple yet covering everything that is needed for inventory management
  • Making Captain Biz ago to place when someone wants to generate an invoice

Project Colours & Typography










UI Screens

Captainbiz invoice generator screen
Captainbiz mobile screens

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