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The existing platform did not offer a comprehensive solution that was required by a trading platform. Being, an energy trading platform, they needed an interface that can monitor and analyse the real-time data of the markets. 

Hence, our primary challenge was to present the real-time data intuitively with proper tabulation by optimizing the dashboard.

The platform needed an upgradation that can simplify the existing dashboards and show the market trends in the proper tabulation of data.

We also had the challenge to cluster the information and present the bid details intuitively so that it is understandable to the users. 


With our solutions, we improved the usability and interface design of the platform to provide an innovative and credible solution that can transform the Indian power markets.

Our main goal was to create an intuitive dashboard by simplifying the trading of electricity units.

We also kept the design user-friendly and functions optimized for fast keyword accessibility and simplified the buying & selling of electricity units for intraday & other markets by removing clutter.

All Mockup Screens

Trading- Order Summary

An overview platform of the purchase and selling process of the energy units. This platform gives complete information with respect to the energy units and the balance left in the account for better understanding.

Order Summary UI screen for Energy Trading

It also allows to bid for the entry by specifying the details of the product along with other information such as slot time, price etc. which facilitates better customization.

UI screen to add bid entry

Overall, this interface allows for personalised bidding while also keeping watch on the market price of energy units. 

Trading- Market Watch

This interface gives extensive information on all the products being traded in the market with their price, quantity, etc. We also added a search option for better user experience and enhanced engagements.

Check market status of different product

Order Confirmation

This screen shows the order summary of the product you want to purchase along with other details for improved clarity. We also added a final confirmation order screen for a smooth buying experience.

Check order summary and confirm the order
Check bid entry to confirm order
UI screen to add bid entry


Being an energy trading platform, they needed an interface to track, monitor and analyse the live data of energy units. However, their platform was not upgraded with the latest features to offer the required details. 

We provided them with an extensive platform that can monitor and analyse the live data to improve the user experience and usability of the platform.