Auto Service Booking

A CRM Platform For Car Servicing



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The company wanted an end-to-end solution to coordinate and manage the service booking of the automotive.

They wanted to improve the platform’s functionality and streamline their service offerings to offer improved customer experience. However, there were several problems that have to be looked upon.

The integration challenge hampers the platform to connect with other systems, such as inventory management, customer databases, or payment gateways.

We also had to look into the usability issues to offer an intuitive interface to simplify the servicing process.


Through our solutions, we designed a platform to offer intuitive and easy navigation and straightforward workflows to improve the overall productivity of the team. 

We also seamlessly integrated the platform with other systems to ensure smooth data synchronisation and real-time updates with inventory management, customer databases, and payment gateways. 

We created a flexible and scalable solution that can monitor live performance and offer software updates to enhance the platform's stability and overall user experience. 

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We created a dashboard that shows the calendar-wise service booking for the automotive to keep track of the slot availability.

UI Screen To Schedule For Car Servicing

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The company details show the complete information of the dealers to facilitate improved service offerings. 


We also added periodical filters in the dashboard which allows representatives to look into specific customer details with respect to any particular date.

Check company details and their branches

More Information 

The dashboards below show other options that we added to improve the overall productivity of the team like the PSF column which helps them keep track of the post-service offerings to the customers, marketing messages sent to them, SMS logs etc. 

Calendar to book and overview the appointment schedule
Check all customer details
In-built template for SMS Marketing
List of customers for PSF
List of users


We provided an end-to-end solution to the company. Our aim was to improve the overall usability of the platform and increase productivity.

When the team reached out to us there were several challenges that had to be addressed to keep them updated, improve their platform and service offerings for improved customer experience.

We provided them with solutions such as multi-platform integration, improved usability, seamless navigation and many more to help them align them with their business goals.