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The existing platform lacked real-time performance visibility of the orders leading to inefficiencies in the supply chain operations. It was difficult to utilise the resources which resulted in inadequate fulfilment of the customer's demands.

Earlier, there was no one platform to track the data and analyse the insights. The users had to look into different platforms for different logistical information and missed continuous opportunities for improvements.


We provided one-stop solutions for all the logistical needs of the users to analyse and interpret their shipment data. The platform now facilitates the real-time visibility of the data to monitor and modify the supply chain operations.

Users can proactively manage the platform and mitigate the risk that may hamper customer service. They can also track the orders along with the delivery partner to facilitate seamless communication and effective business processes.

All Mockup Screens


The dashboard shows various services provided by the platform for seamless function and improved business efficiency.

Mobile Responsive Dashboard to check logistics performance

Every service leads to its specific interface that shows particular performance insights. The main goal is to provide a better understanding of the data, hence we made it visually appealing and interactive. 

Detailed Overview

Being a logistic platform, it is crucial to show the information in a statical form that is easily understandable by the users. We provided insights into all the services along with the delivery partner information to facilitate better service offerings.

UI Screen to show detailed order report

Order Status

The interface also shows the status of the order along with the specific data insights of deliverables for better clarity and understanding.

Mobile UI Screen to check distressed order status
Mobile Responsive to check exchange order status
Mobile Responsive of return order status
Mobile Responsive of order fulfillment status
Inbound Inventory Details


This platform caters to the logistical needs of the users by providing specific details of every order.

Earlier, in order to check the information or gain insights into particular services, users had to navigate through different platforms.

We eliminated the need for multiple platforms and provided an all-in-one solution that integrates multiple services in one application.

This digital transformation increased the efficiency of the business and assisted in long-term growth by integrating multiple platforms into a unified system.