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The team lacked a digital platform that can streamline their operations and facilitate easy communication in the home healthcare sector.

They used traditional and manual methods to schedule the visits of the nursing assistants which was an inefficient way from a long-term growth perspective.

It was often difficult to access the real-time availability of the nursing staff through emails which resulted in delayed services and bad business impressions.

Without a digital platform, it became difficult to allocate the right resources at the right place which might also result in lower patient engagement in the long-term.


We created a mobile application to address their issue, facilitate seamless communication, streamline operations and increase the patient engagement rate. 

They now have a single platform through which staff can look into their respective schedules, connect with the other members of the family, find the location of their visits etc. making it an effective way to offer home care services.

All Mockup Screens


We created a dashboard to show the overall performance of the nursing staff during different time intervals. It also reflects the pending messages and open visits to offer better services. 

Mobile UI to show periodical performance, chat with the staff and download attachments

Additionally, we also created an interface to facilitate two-way communication. The platform also allows files to share documents for better assistance.

Seamless Operations

We systematically represented the daily schedules of the staff for easy understanding of their tasks and also provided a map for seamless navigation which ultimately led to increased efficiency. 

UI Design to show location on maps for schedule visits

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Our all-in-one mobile application for home care solutions offers multiple services such as payroll from where the staff can check the balances, a calendar to set up and look into their schedule, chat to communicate with the patient and many more. 

More detail of the staff
Staff details based on priority
List of Holidays, Clients details and notifications
Details of the visit time, location, payroll, etc.


Being a home care solution provider, Kantime had a big issue to solve for long-term growth in the healthcare industry.

They earlier used a traditional method i.e. Emails to communicate the staff schedules which proved to be an inefficient way of communication ultimately leading to poor delivery of the services. 

We helped them transform their traditional business digitally and offered an all-in-one platform to cater to all their needs. 

With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of options, we made it easier for the nursing staff to communicate and cater to their patient's needs ultimately leading to improved business and long-term growth.