Distribution Management System

A platform for inventory allocation and routing



What we did

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Our main objective was to create a user-friendly distribution management system by designing a clean and intuitive interface that simplifies supply chain activities.

Automating the routing algorithm and order allocation was a key challenge, as we wanted to intelligently allocate orders to efficient routes based on factors like distance, traffic, and delivery time.

Additionally, we focused on enabling easy integration with third-party systems, recognizing the importance of businesses using multiple tools to manage their distribution processes.

Overall, we had to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution that simplifies supply chain activities for them.


Our solution aimed to enhance the visibility of orders and their distribution by implementing real-time tracking and optimization of routes. 

This will simplify business processes and decrease task completion time by streamlining the order management system.

Additionally, our solution optimises the level of effort required for different user roles, allowing for more efficient task allocation and resource utilization.

Overall, this integrated approach will significantly improve order visibility and distribution while simplifying their process and optimizing efficiency.

All Mockup Screens


This interface shows the list of drivers with assigned tasks and their information. In order to provide enhanced user experience we also added a map to help drivers locate the destination.

UI Screen to manage and check order status

Allocated Bins

We also created a small dashboard that provides the total number of the drivers, vehicles, orders and bins along with a search option and date filter to offer a comprehensive view.

Check allocated orders and see the direction on map

Assign Bins

It shows the number of completed orders through the progress bar. This provides a clear view of the number of orders completed by the drivers. 

UI Screen to assign orders to drivers


In conclusion, our distribution management system provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses to simplify their supply chain activities.

By automating the routing algorithm and order allocation, we intelligently allocate orders to efficient routes based on various factors for optimal delivery. 

Easy integration with third-party systems ensures seamless communication and collaboration, while real-time order tracking enhances visibility and streamlines the order management process.

With this comprehensive and user-centric approach, our system improves order visibility, distribution, and overall efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for them in managing their distribution processes.