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About Octet Design Studio

We started with the core impetus to extend the brand’s value onto the digital design space by offering creative and strategic ideas to achieve goals.

Octet Design Studio focuses on creating innovative digital designs.

With tech innovation becoming more pervasive and the ecosystem getting complex, several organizations are facing growth opportunities as well as challenges.

We are looking to find easy and simple solutions to tackle these challenges. This is where Design Thinking comes into the picture.

Business giants like PepsiCo, Deutsche Bank, Nike, AirBnB, Apple, Google, IBM, Uber etc have set some great examples of how to face a business challenge using Design thinking as a strategy.

At Octet design studio, we aim to bring this approach of Design Thinking to explore and solve the challenges faced by startups too.

Our experience of working with founders helps us understand the hassle they go through while establishing and sustaining their startups.

Therefore, we focus on effectively communicating with founders as well as the users and try to resolve their pain points.

Why “Design Thinking + Lean + Agile”?

We know for a fact that Design is the basis of solving the most complex problems in the world. Thus, we use design thinking as an approach to explore the problems and deliver intuitive and user-friendly experiences.

So, what exactly is design thinking? To simplify, let us tell you that it is merely a mindset. In that, it is not problem-focused but rather solution-focused and action-oriented towards creating an outcome. With that being at the core of our values, we step into the customers’ shoes and try to eliminate the problems with Design thinking. This talk by Paweł Żebrowski aptly explains what is design thinking, how it works, why it really works and the current status of design thinking implementation in Poland.

We believe that designing is more than just graphics. Therefore, we help founders design the way they lead, manage, create and constantly innovate their products. We also insist on applying design thinking to systems, procedures, protocols and user experiences.

This process mainly works upon logic, imagination, intuition, and reasoning to explore the possibilities of how an issue can be solved to benefit the business.

The framework of design thinking that is usually followed by our Creative UI UX design studio is as follows:


Once we explore the problems with the above process, we try and develop our designs around ‘MVP”.

Here, we use the Lean approach of design but with simple, creative and strategic ideas. We start small and keep an iterative approach throughout the entire process as we develop one layer after the other around a nucleus.

This is then furthered by Agile with Design Sprint where the process from the stage of development until the launch is monitored continuously.

Designing for users first

Steve Jobs has rightly said,

“You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

The user experience should always be the topmost priority of any business.

UI is what people see when they launch your product for the first time. Users interact with your product via UI. If you ignore UI, this will raise the potential for annoyed users with unmet expectations.

To give useful feedback, early customers need to be able to grasp a product vision from MVP.

Quite hard to do it without smart UI, isn’t it?

Let’s agree that design is the only way to visualize an idea. If you seek to attract customers, you need not just a thoughtful UI, you need it to be great.

After all, this is not you who decide if your product has value — it’s all up to the customers. If they like it and want to use it, you can call your product successful. It has to be brainstormed with many creative and strategic ideas.

Importance of placing users first

According to statistics, the time spent on each app is just around 30–45 seconds. This fact indicates the rather short attention-catching ability and ‘app engagement’ of many apps that go on to the apps store.

A Creative UI UX design studio provides your product UI with credibility which comes from creative and strategic ideas.

Depending on UX, customers will define for themselves how positive their first experience is.

It is UI/UX, not a product’s value or technology, that shapes a customer’s first impression. As we know, the first impression lasts forever and sometimes you only have that one chance.

If users have a great first experience, they get activated as customers. In case they like it, they will come back. And this is what they call Customer Retention.

Your product may be a great solution, but if it’s difficult to understand what it does and how to use it, you cannot convince customers it is worth buying.

A survey was made to find out the reasons why people deleted apps after installing. 42% said the reason was they did not like the user interface.

Thus, if a user experience is unpleasant, customers will not care about a product’s value. They won’t even care to give it a chance.

Benefits for a startup

When we say we use processes like Design Thinking, Lean and Agile, we attack the crucial pain points and use these processes to design an excellent and interactive UI/UX.

Because, it doesn’t matter how well one can code, how talented the staff is or how much money has been invested – if the company delivers an experience that doesn’t bring users on board, it’s going to be out of business. And, that’s exactly what we don’t want for your business.

So, we, at Octet design studio, create UI/UX designs that can help startups and founders reach their desired goals.

We have worked in conjunction with many brands to create UI/UX designs for various platforms. Ranging from e-commerce portals, web portals, iPad applications, WordPress websites and pitch presentations, we have consistently delivered excellent user interfaces by keeping our design process diverse and simple.

What is our UI UX design Process:

With ACS, every business gets a dedicated cross-functional team that works exclusively right from concept to the production stage.

We have business analysts, content creators, UX designers and developers all working together to deliver the best user experience for your business.

We believe in being with the decision-makers at every step and not just in finishing the task.

Every project is a unique design opportunity for us. First, we explore the problems and post that, we strategize and experiment.

Experimenting and building prototypes give us enough room to take in the reviews and incorporate the changes. This is then followed by the production and frequent monitoring of the product.

What is our vision?

At Octet design studio, we aim to collaborate with founders and help startups reach their maximum potential by providing simple but compelling design solutions through our unique approach.


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