Auditing products to close the
expectation-reality gap

We are a team of UX Auditors helping mission-driven
businesses to turbocharge their experiences.

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Mission driven companies trust us

Expectation-reality gap is a common frustration

Businesses often don't realise that they drift from their expectations and slowly
the gap extends which can be commonly found.

Let's understand - what is the Gap?

Bridging the gap - what is Needed?

Discover gaps blocking your growth

We conduct an in-depth evaluation of multiple facets from user experience to customer experience
to realign your product and strategy

Discover the problematic areas - what to Audit?

Realise where you stand - what to Improve?

Facets we assess

We tick off the “Essential” check-list that covers every aspect of
your product's health & offer actionable insights

User Experience

  • Heuristics We audit a product for its discovery & intuitiveness to match users’ mental models
  • Flows We audit user flows to see if users effectively & efficiently perform the intended tasks
  • Usability Metrics We audit data to measure key usability metrics like completion time & rate
  • Interactions We review gestures & interactions to check their adoptability & impact

User Interface

  • Design System We evaluate design system components for consistency & its implementation
  • Visual Design We closely study visual language & aspects to ensure its consistent appeal
  • Creatives We audit images, graphics, icons & illustrations for their relevance & quality


  • App Performance We detect & trace entire stack for anomalies that may cause experience gaps
  • Cross-platform Compatibility We check a product’s compatibility on all devices, OSes & browsers
  • Funnels We review your marketing funnels and optimise them for maximised conversions


  • Guidelines We revisit the guidelines for a consistent impression on omni-channel platforms
  • Identity We audit the usage of brand identity elements wherever they are present
  • Communication We check a brand's voice & tone for clarity, accuracy, style & consistency
  • Differentiators We audit a brand’s unique selling proposition & how it stands out

Customer Experience

  • Behaviour We measure a product's effectiveness based on the user behaviour data
  • Reputation We assess perceived image of a product through customer feedback channels
  • Satisfaction We understand the voice of customer & study satisfaction via methods like NPS & CSAT
  • Engagement We audit the engagement strategy of a product, brand & service touchpoints


  • Inclusivity We check if a product is inclusive towards diversity & ethnicity of people
  • Ethics We check if a product meets ethical values & offers credibility
  • Sustainability We audit if a product employs sustainable practices for a safer environment

Where do we offer our expertise

Our expert auditors bring in a refined approach to study
versatile products & industries
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    We review ERP systems for better productivity

  • Cross-Platform Products

    We audit cross-platform products to ensure consistency

  • SaaS

    We audit SaaS products to enhance their adoptability

  • Portals

    We audit versatile portals to improve their discovery

  • Education Technology

    We audit ed-tech platforms for a higher engagement

  • E-commerce

    We audit e-commerce platforms to amplify conversion

What our clients say

We worked with Octet Design Studio to get our comprehensive logistics platform audited. From team collaboration to problem-solving, identifying product gaps and fixing them, we really enjoyed working with them. A big thumbs up for making our product top-performing in the logistics tech industry.

Parag Chivate

Founder & CEO, Shipdelight

We were extremely impressed by their thoughtful and mindful approach towards auditing our GST compliance platform. They provided us with invaluable suggestions and with their help we have been able to scale our product. Highly recommend Octet Design Studio for design audit projects.

Sagar Kalkhair

Co-founder & Head of Product, KYSS

Octet Design Studio was instrumental in finding several gaps in our P2P invoice processing platform which had not been noticed by our team. They helped us with a thorough design audit and we really were impressed by their timeliness and attention to detail.

Naresh Pai

VP & Product Owner, Payinvoice

Got a product? Let's improve it

Got a product?

Let's improve it

Tell us about your product, we will audit it with a fine eye and
help you achieve your expectations
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